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Scow Racing
TLSC racing began with 2 fleets: a large mixed fleet of varied boats and a Sunfish Fleet. We gradually evolved into racing MC Scows with an occasional C Scow. Now we are including any boats over 14' to sail with the scows. This year we will be trying to get a Small Boat Fleet formed which would be any boat with a sail under 14'. This fleet will sail 5 minutes after the Scow+ Fleet.

Windward/Leeward Course

WL 1 - Start between the red flag mark and the committee boat; round the windward mark,and the offset buoy; round the leeward mark and finish between the red flag mark and the committee boat.
WL 2 - go around 2 times

Starting Flag/Horn Sequence
  • 6 min. before start - 4 loud beeps
  • 5 min. to start - horn, white flag
  • 4 min. to start - horn, blue flag
  • 1 min. to start - long horn, no flag
  • START - horn, red flag

Race Postponement Considerations

  • Winds: min=light/variable; max = 18 mph
  • storms/lightening eminent

Answering Pennant (AP)

Displayed alone if the start of the race is being delayed for a maximum of 60 minutes from the scheduled start time. The flag will be lowered if conditions change to allow the race to be started and a 10 minute assembly horn will be sounded.
Code Flag "A"

When displayed with the A, it means the race is abandoned for that day and may be rescheduled.