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Springer Award
In 1982 minutes of the old yacht club were discovered during an estate sale at one of the old lake shore mansions and so was a large “loving cup” style trophy. These items were turned over to the current sailing club. The club had no immediate use for the old trophy because it already had new trophies for its two fleets. However, when the club decided to create the “Springer Award”, the old trophy was refinished and new plaques made for its base. Then, when the club expanded to three fleets in 1985, it recommissioned this old trophy as the Scow Fleet’s traveling trophy and purchased a perpetual plaque to be used as the Springer Award.

On September 25, 1982, during the awards banquet at Hunter Country Club in Richmond, IL, John Springer was recognized for his dedication and hard work toward laying the foundation for the growth and success of the Twin Lakes Sailing Club. A trophy was presented to him engraved with “John Springer Award”. It was explained that this award would become a traveling award to be presented annually to the club member that displayed outstanding contributions to the club with the John Springer spirit that helped to form the club.

Springer Award Recipients
1977-82    John Springer
1983    Bill & Donna Nowack
1984    Dan Dana
1985    Alex Cochran
1986    Judy Jooss
1987    Bob Jooss
1988    Sis Cochran
1989    Frank Murphy
1990    Fraser Scholes
1991    Bill Hamilton
1992    Alex Cochran
1993    Judy Jooss
1994    Joan Ayres & Nancy Powers
1995    Frank Murphy
1996    Bev Kendall
1997    Marsha Baldwin
2001    Committee Boat Crew
2003    Joe Anselmo
2007    Michael Wolaver
2009    Joe Anselmo


2011     Bob Berry
2012    John Wolaver
2013    Tom Murphy
2014     Bev Kendall
2015    Jeannie Walmsley
2018    Marleen Lorenz